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Activities / Agenda / Veranstaltungen

21 - 31 Diving in the Ocean of Mother India (Goa, India) We hope to travel with you and discover something of the outer beauty of Goa, with its beautiful beaches and warm Indian Ocean, and of the inner beauty of the Indian culture and spirituality, sheer by being present and diving into everyday Indian life, and through the program offered, an introduction to ‘Indian Gospel', the Bhagavad Gita.
February Due to our retreat in India, we will not have a Winter Retreat this year.
 9 - 10   Dance Weekend Bremen (Germany)
Our yearly short Sufi and Dance weekend retreat in Bremen.
The Heart of Compassion.
Sufis want to travel to the heart, Buddhists to the other shore. A workshop to open the heart and offer a raft for reaching the other shore together. 
Contact Renate at E-mail  Click for more info (DE only) 
German spoken.
12 - 15 The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding (Khankah Samark)
Third weekend of a series of 5.
Only open for participants to the whole series.        
12 Dance Day Ireland
Theme to be announced.
Contact Zahira Noor Gill at E-Mail
18 - 21 Pentecost Retreat (Khankah Samark)
Use us for the Purpose that Thy Wisdom chooses
Like previous years, we dedicate the Pentecost time to a line of a prayer of Hazrat Inayat Khan.
Click for more info (DE or EN)
 7 - 10 The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding (Khankah Samark)
Fourth weekend of a series of 5. Only open for participants to the whole series
30 - July 7 Ruhaniat Summer School (Proitzer Mühle, Germany)
Annual gathering of the EU Sufi family with EU Sufi teachers. 
Special Guest: Pir Shabda Kahn (USA)
English/German spoken
21 - 22 Dance Weekend New Jersey (USA)
Theme to be announced
Contact Jamila Aziza Ben Nacef at E-mail
27 - 29   Dance Weekend Fort Wayne (In, USA)
Purifying the Heart
For more information or to register online, please visit,  E-mail or phone (260.424.6574)
Dates to be announced  Samark Summer Week
Character Buidling & The Art of Personality
Our annual Summer Week is dedicated to teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan about our personality. These teachins can help us to understand more of our inner being and are excellent tools to work with, also outside this retreat.
With DUP, stories and poetry, chanting and practices, Sesshin, zikr and ritual. By sharing, we will deepen each of the advices. 
English/German spoken 
6 - 9   The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding (Khankah Samark)
Last weekend of a series of 5. Only open for participants to the whole series
22 - 23 Dance Weekend Hamburg (Germany)
The Unity of Religious Ideals
We will focus on the Unity behind all apparent diversity and end the weekend with a ritual in dance.
Click here for more info (DE only)
Yoga Centrum Hamburg. Contact Heinz Scheffler German spoken     
12 - 14 Dance Weekend De Weyst (Netherlands)
Rumi and the Buddha 
In this weekend, the Buddha and Rumi join hands to help us realize that learning about your deeper motivations can help you to learn about yourself and to also help others. Dutch spoken   
26 - 28 Dance Training North (Bildungsstätte Bredbeck, near Bremen)
The Art of Dance Leading
We will work from our new manual, written for our training program. With feedback sessions. Click for more info (DE only)
Contact Hans-Peter Baum at  E-mail
17 - 18 Dance Weekend Glastonbury (UK)
Theme to be announced
Contact Diana at E-mail
22 - 25 Samark Sesshin (Khankah Samark)
Zen & Zikr   
In a Sesshin, we alternate dancing with meditating. To further the inner process, part of the weekend will be in silence.
Click here for more info (DE or EN)
09 - 15 Samark Winter Retreat
Sorry you had to miss the Samark Winter Retreat in 2018, due to our Goa Retreat in India, but the retreat in back in 2019!
16 -17 Dance Weekend Bremen (Germany) 
Our yearly short Sufi and Dance weekend retreat in Bremen.
Contact Renate at E-mail 
German spoken.
13 -14 Dance Weekend Sydney (Australia)
16 - 21 Dance Retreat Australia (Belena, Byron Bay Area)
The Call of the Dervish
What can we learn from Rumi to understand more about ourselves? Using Rumi's poetry, we will distill from his teachings every day a next step to bring us closer to our spiritual self and so to the Divine. This way, we'll learn to listen to our inner call, face our passion, understand we have ‘two addresses' and learn to ‘die before we die', all ingredients that drove Rumi to his beautiful poetry.
17 - 19 Dance Retreat Moscow (Russia)
Contact Marina at E-mail
07 - 09  Samark Pentecost Retreat

29 - July 6 Ruhaniat Summer School (Proitzer Mühle, Germany) 
Annual gathering of the EU Sufi family with EU Sufi teachers. 
English/German spoken
October 7 - 18

On request of many, we organized another Sahara Pilgrimage into the Tunisian Desert
Please register asap, as the group is almost full. For more details, click here (DE or EN)

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