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Activities / Agenda / Veranstaltungen


Feb. 28 - March 7
EU Winter Retreat at Khankah Samark 
The Inner Call 
In this retreat, we will concentrate on the difference between inspiration and the ego and use our ancestors like Noor-u-Nissa Inayat Khan (HIK's oldest child who was killed in WW II) and Hazrat Inayat Khan as examples on the path. With Dances of Universal Peace, storytelling, Sesshin, Feedback sessions and guitar classes in the afternoon etc. etc. English/German spoken. Please book soon, as the previous Winter Retreats had a waiting list.
21 Dance Day La Verna
Rumi and Jesus 

La Verna, Derkinderenstraat 82, Amsterdam, NL
Dance day, focusing on the teachings of Jesus and Rumi. 
La Verna 
Dutch spoken

26 - 29 Russian Spring Retreat (Saratov, Volga Area) 
Like previous years, we will visit Saratov and its flourishing Dance & Music Circle for a residential retreat.
Contact Konstantin
17 - 18 Dance & Sufi Weekend Bremen (Germany) 
The Seal of the Message
This short weekend focuses through the Dances on the prayer Khatum of Hazrat Inayat Khan.
Contact Renate 
German spoken. More info (in German)
23 - 26 The Art of Dancing & Dance Leading (Khankah Samark, Germany)
First of 6 weekends of our new training program for beginning and advanced dancers & dance leaders. The first weekend will be open for all, the other weekends only for participants of the whole program. 
Dates for 2016: March 17 - 20, May 12 - 15, June 09 - 12
Please mail us for more info.  
22 - 25   Pentecost Retreat (Khankah Samark, Germany)
Send us the Peace
Friday 18:00 - Monday late lunch
Like in 2014, we again let a phrase from one of Inayat Khan's prayers guide us through the Pentecost Retreat. This phrase will lead us to the theme of working for peace within and around us. 
English/German spoken. More info in EN or DE
4 - 7   The Art of Dancing & Dance Leading
Second weekend of training program. 
See April 23 - 26.
27 - July 4 EU Summer School (Proitzer Mühle, Germany)
Annual gathering of the EU Sufi family with EU Sufi teachers. 
18 - 25 Samark Summer Week (Khankah Samark, Germany)
The Art of Healthy Living 
with guest teacher Pavla Uppal
From dinner on Saturday to breakfast the next Saturday
Using the insight of Inayat Khan and Murshid SAM on Healing and Health, we set course towards a healthy way of living. This includes giving our body, hearts and minds the space they need. We will focus on DUP, also using stories and poetry, chanting and practices, zikr and ritual. By sharing, we will deepen the theme per day. Please book soon if you are interested, as the Summer Week had a waiting list. 
English / German spoken. More info in EN or DE
11 - 13  Dance Weekend Chicago area (USA)
Send us the Peace.
Contact Jessica E-mail 
16 Dance evening Seattle (USA)
Heart Traveling
Contact Farishta E-mail 
18 - 20 Dance Weekend Tacoma (USA)
Send us the Peace
Contact Farishta E-mail     
08 - 11   The Art of Dancing & Dance Leading
Third weekend of training program. 
See April 23 - 26.
17 - 18 Dance Weekend Hamburg
Einheit und Verschiedenheit
Yoga Centrum Hamburg  Contact Heinz  E-mail
German spoken
More info (in German)

23 -
4 Nov.
Sahara Pilgrimage:
The Perfume of the Desert.
Still some places left
19 - 22   Samark Sesshin
Zen & Zikr 

In a Sesshin, we alternate dancing with meditating. We opt for a longer weekend, so all can really get into the rhythm of a Sesshin. A wonderful way to go deeper inside and let the dances do their inner work. To further the inner process, part of the weekend will be in silence. 
Be sure to register in time, as the two previous Sesshins filled up very early.

26 De kracht van verhalen (The power of stories)
Lecture in Veldhoven (near Eindhoven) om Rumi and his stories from the Masnavi.
 With an additional Dance event. 20:00 - 22:30 uur
Immanuelkerk, Teullandstraat 1, 5503 VV Veldhoven
For reservations, please contact  
Dutch spoken
27 - 29 Winter Weekend De Weyst (Eindhoven area, the Netherlands) 
Cultivating the Heart
Cultivating the heart is central to the teachings of Murshid SAM and thus of his contribution to inner and outer peace, the Dances of Universal Peace. 
Dutch spoken
19 - 20  Dance Weekend Stroud (England)
Theme to be announced
Contact Neesa 
28 - Jan. 1st   Samark Sylvester Retreat (Khankah Samark, Germany)
New Year Retreat & Celebration 
From Sunday dinner until Jan. 1st, late lunch.
Retreat and celebration to look back in gratitude for what 2015 has brought us and to look forward to unfolding of some of our next steps in life in 2016. On New Year's morning, we'll dance the Aramaic Lord's Prayer to welcome the New year.
Depending on the participants, the Retreat will be German or English/German spoken.
20 - 26 Samark Winter Retreat
Theme to be announced.
11 -12 Dance & Sufi Weekend Bremen (Germany) 
Theme to be announced.
Contact Renate German spoken
17 - 20 The Art of Dancing & Dance Leading
Fourth weekend of training program. 
See April 23 - 26, 2015
13 - 16 The Art of Dancing & Dance Leading
Fifth weekend of training program. 
See April 23 - 26.
20 The Little Sufi Prince (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Lecture on the Little Prince, seen through the eyes of Sufism
Lecture in Dutch: De Kleine Soefi-Prins.

Theosofische Vereniging,
Kruisstraat 307, Utrecht NL
 9 - 12 The Art of Dancing & Dance Leading
Sixth and last weekend of training program. 
See April 23 - 26.
 2 - 9 Ruhaniat Summer School
23 - 30 Samark Summer Retreat
 8 - 11 Samark Sufi Weekend
10 - 13 Samark Sesshin: Zen & Zikr
28 - Jan 1   Samark Silvester Celebration


      PDF of the Khankah Samark Program 2015 (EN, DE)
PDF of full program 2015 (English only)

For all events at Khankah Samark:
You secure your place with a down payment of € 50,= (€ 85 for single room) for weekends
or € 100,= (€ 160,= for single room) for week events.
Single rooms are best guaranteed by a very early booking. 

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Cancellation Policy / Rücktrittsbedingungen / annuleringsvoorwaarden

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