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Activities / Agenda / Veranstaltungen


28 - July 5 EU Ruhaniat Summer School (Proitzer Mühle, Germany)
Annual gathering of the EU Sufi family and beyond.
Special guest: Pir Shabda Kahn
19 - 26

Samark Summer Week (Khankah Samark, Germany)
The Call of the Dervish
The week start with dinner on Saturday evening and ends with breakfast the next Saturday
Using Rumi's poetry, we will distill from his teachings every day a next step to bring us closer to our spiritual self and so to the Divine.
As usual, we will focus on DUP, also using stories and poetry, chanting and practices, zikr and ritual.
Please book soon if you're interested, as places are limited and in 2012, the Summer Week had a waiting list.
More info here in English
English / German spoken. More info here in English

10 Day of Mindfulness EIAB (Waldbröl, Germany)
Like in 2013, we have been asked to present the Dances of Universal Peace at EIAB, the monastery of Thich Nhat Hanh not far from Khankah Samark. A good opportunity to visit the monastery with its marvelous garden and continuous exhibition of hand-made hearts to heal and counterbalance the Nazi past of this building.
16 - 23

Samark MIR Retreat (Khankah Samark, Germany)
I died as a mineral
The week start with dinner on Saturday evening and ends with breakfast the next Saturday
is Russian for Peace and with this week, we continue the thread of MIR Camps, woven at the Crimea as a mix of a Summer Camp and a Retreat. In 2013, the week was filled with Russian speakers only. This year, we'll see if there are also some places for English speaking participants, as
This week we explore Rumi's famous poem about dying as mineral, plant, animal and human being, symbolizing our capacity to rise above our limitations to heights unknown:
       So why would I be afraid to die as a human, If I only gained by my deaths?
In this Summer Week we'll dance and sing to understand what Rumi is telling us about our daily life. We'll explore together, as all of us know more than each individual.
NB: Until the end of April, we give priority to Russian participants.
Feel free to mail us if you're interested and you'll be the first to know if there is space.
Click here for more info in RU or EN
English / Russian spoken.

12 - 14

Sufi Weekend (Khankah Samark, Germany)  The Inner Life
We start on Friday with dinner and end Sunday with a late lunch
In this third Sufi weekend in Khankah Samark, we'll explore Inayat Khan's writings on the inner life and SAM's commentary.
German or German/English spoken

3 - 5 Baltic Dance Weekend (Riga, Latvia)
After two years we are back in the Baltics for a weekend of Dances.
Contact Bashiran
18 - 25

Samark Resourcing Program: Heal my Body, Heart and Soul
From evening meal on Saturday until next Saturday after lunch.
An individual program to reconnect with the source and your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual self, the triad Murshid SAM used to work with. This retreat may help you to experience the Dances on a different level and use them to consciously live from these three realms, finding the heart as the doorway to the divine.
The instructions will be in the group and the participants will have part of the morning and most of the afternoon to individually work with the themes and assignments of the day.
The inner search and retreat will be strengthened by some group activities like zikr and chanting, watching and discussing a movie etc.
Max. 8 participants. Write us for more info.   
Personal guidance in German/English/Dutch 

13 - 16

Sesshin: Movement & Rest
From Thursday evening meal till Sunday lunch
In a Sesshin, we alternate dancing with meditating. We opt for a longer weekend, so all can really get into the rhythm of a Sesshin. A wonderful way to go deeper inside and let the dances do their inner work. To further the inner process, part of the weekend will be in silence. Be sure to register in time, as the two previous Sesshins filled up very early.
German spoken

28 - 30 Winter Weekend De Weyst (Eindhoven area, the Netherlands)
Theme to be announced
Dutch spoken
6- 7 Dance Weekend Stroud (England, Bristol area)
Theme to be announced.
Contract Neesa Copple E-mail
28 - Jan 1st New Year Retreat & Celebration (Khankah Samark, Germany)
The event will start on Sunday the 28th with dinner and will end on Jan. 1st with a late lunch.
Retreat and celebration to look back in gratitude for what 2014 has brought us and to look forward to unfolding of some of our next steps in life in 2015.
Depending on the participants, the Retreat will be German or English/German spoken.


NB: 2015  

Feb. 28 -March 7

EU Winter Retreat at Khankah Samark 
The Inner Call

In this Reterat, we will concentrate on the difference between inspiration and the ego, using ancestors like Noor-u-Nissa Inayat Khan (HIK's oldest child who was killed in WW II) and Hazrat Inayat Khan as examples on the path.
With Dances of universal Peace & the Walks, Dharma talk, stories, spiritual practices, Sesshin, guitar classes by Arjuna etc.
Please book soon, as places are limited and the Retreat had a waiting list in 2012 & 2013.

Write us for more info
English/German spoken

6 weekends

Tanzausbildung & Vertiefung für Anfänger/innen und fortgeschrittene Tanzleiter/innen INFO DE 
Dance Training & Deepening for aspirants and advanced leaders  INFO EN

October 22 - November 3

The Perfume of the Desert  
Third Pilgimage into the Southern Tunisian Sahara with Wali & Ariënne, the Bedouin leader Khalifa and Matin.
Depending on the participants, English, Russian, French (with the Bedouin) and German spoken.
Feel free to write us for more info or click here for info in ENDE or RU 
NB: For this pilgrimage are only two places left

  Click here for our full program  2014 or the 2014 Khankah Samark Program (EN or DE)


For all events at Khankah Samark:
you secure your place with a down payment of € 50,= / €75,= for single room (weekends)
or € 100,= / € 150,= for single room (week long events).
Single rooms are best guaranteed by a very early booking. 

Down Payment / Anzahlung / Reserveren

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